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welcome and thank you for your interest
in becoming a bombilore contributor! 

Submission Guidelines:

Please Read Submission Guidelines & Instructions Carefully. We appreciate you!

1. Explore Bombilore's Manifesto & Content

Get a solid feel for the site's ethic and tone, as well as for general post length, formatting, and style. Take a look at Bombilore's 5 columns and many topics. 

Columns: The Artful Life, Seasoned, Tough Love, Solutionaries, and La Loba

Topics: Media Literacy ● Women’s Rights & Issues ●  Politics & Current Events
Marriage & Relationships ● Natural~Local~Seasonal Living ● Amazing True Stories
21st Century Spirituality ● The Law of Attraction ● Connection to Nature ● Healing
The Arts & Culture ●  Ecology & Equality ●The Wild Feminine ● Taboo subjects
Social commentary ● Race, Ethnicity, Privilege, Intercultural Awareness ● Funny and amusing shit ● Adventures of a Portlandian ● and thoughts on Living a Happy and Activated life!

2. Originality & Integrity

Originiality: Please submit original content. Shorter posts that call attention to a specific idea, innovation, story, or current event are fine, but it should still include some pearls of original thought. We want to avoid the internet "echo chamber" on Bombilore. Original, informative, and engaging content also helps us avoid a website full of "click-bait". While using catchy headlines such as "how-to," "top 10," "25 Reasons Why..." can be highly effective, let's not trick anybody into totally wasting 10 minutes of their precious life. Let's truly entertain and inform.  

Integrity: Please honor your hard work with a good final edit. Spellcheck! Grammar check! Please submit polished, tight, and engaging writing. 

3. Images Are A Must!

If you do not send properly attributed and accredited, high-res photos (just tell us who took the pic and where you found it), we will find images to fit into your piece. Videos are also welcome, as are mp3's if your post highlights music in some way. We can even add a Soundcloud feed!

4. Copyrights

Bombilore observes all copyright laws. Please do the same. If your work is accepted, you retain all copyright of your work, though you will be giving us permission to publish it on Bombilore.

5. Links

You may provide a link for your by-line, back to your own website, blog, or email address. Your name will be a link on the by-line as well as in your bio at the end of your post. You may also include links within your post; these will be reviewed before publication and Bombilore may opt out of using certain links. Links should be relevant, current, and selective. Bombilore may add links to your post to other pages within or elsewhere. 

6. Edits

We may suggest edits. Please take these in stride as we work together to offer amazing content here at Bombilore. 

7. Ready?! Send us Your Submission!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!!
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  • Place your text directly into an email, send a Word doc, or send a Google doc. Place a BOLD "PH" within the text where you would like a photo to appear, if not obvious. Attach photos or video in order of how they should appear in indicated areas of text, or add them to the text.
  • Please include a brief bio (150 words or less), your contact info, and and anything else you'd like us to know.

Bombilore is still a baby bee.... so we can't yet pay our contributors! But hopefully one day, we can! Many thanks, and beeee well!