'miss representation' a brave and compelling documentary

Undoubtedly one of the most important documentaries about women for our times, you may find yourself shocked at the statistics you will see flashing across the screen in this well-researched, compelling and no-holds-barred look at the status of women in (specifically) the United States today.

Uncomfortable, prolific, and controversial, the status of women in our society today (including and especially women of color) is discussed throughout the film with such luminaries as Jane Fonda, Condoleeza Rice, Catie Curic, Gina Davis, Margaret Cho, Gloria Steinem and many other influential women in hard-won positions of power, as well as average American high school students and other young women. The film takes an especially daunting look at women in the media, and the need for media literacy, something we highly value here at Bombilore.  

You can watch it on youtube, Netflix watch-instantly, or you can order the film.  Visit the Miss Representation website for more information on becoming an advocate for women, on hosting a screening in your community, for incredible statistics and infographics, and for community-building ideas and opportunities for a more equitable, integral world.

Thoughtful dialogue about the film is encouraged here! After viewing, come back to Bombilore and share your thoughts!

Infographics source: http://therepresentationproject.org/resources/infographics/