Free RiseUp Sessions

It's my gift & honor helping you elevate your life's work. This beautiful hour together will fill you up~ being seen & heard always deepens our connection to our work, allowing us to pursue the next steps with renewed vitality...

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Praise for the RiseUp Sessions. . .

"My free session with Amanda was nothing but empowering! You can really hear the passion Amanda has for what she does ... I felt really heard and really excited to move forward in my business. SHE GOT ME! Amanda was able to speak into existence the multitude of thoughts I had swirling in my head, it was really affirming and kick-ass! I knew Amanda was who I was going to work with just from that first meeting." -VRH


"Amanda was able to guide me without leading me astray. It felt grounded and we kept refining and getting closer to the essence of my vision. It was such a great session that I realized and got down to the truth of what it is I want to offer at this time. I was humbled, and completely inspired by the amount of inner work that came out of these external exercises. Amanda is connective and communicative, and is not forceful on her models. She is truly there to support women coming into connection with their gifts." -TB