The Seasoned Column

Welcome to the Seasoned column here at Bombilore...

Easily the Mothership of Bombilore, The Seasoned blog was the idea before the idea; it's where Bombilore really began. Originally, I was just going to start a blog called Seasoned, where I could write about living seasonally, our connection to nature, and communication between not just each other, but all the living things and inanimate objects around us. This idea grew out of a deep concern over human's disconnection- both physically and emotionally- from Nature, and how this disconnection is in many ways the root of so much of our suffering and the suffering of the Earth.

Although everything we touch, eat, smell, see and hear is all from Nature, we fail to really feel ourselves connected to the Divine wisdom of the natural world, or worse, to truly understand ourselves as a part of it. No wonder, then, that we find it so hard to find connection with our Divine selves.

As I sit here writing online, at a computer, inside, away from nature, I recognize that a column on the internet isn't going to accomplish this. But I also see how the internet, just like a spider's web, is an intricate and ingenious weaving tool that we, and therefore Nature, has invented. To have a place where we can come to share reflections on what we have learned/are learning from Nature and to bring that accessible, free wisdom back into the folds of daily life is the purpose of Seasoned.

The Seasoned column celebrates observations and lessons gleaned from time spent in Nature, odes to nature, articles about relationships & family, human connection in the modern world, living seasonally, organically and simply, gardening, farming, sustainability, and articles about "alternative" medicine and healing practices including plant medicine, energetic healing practices, meditation, shamanism, food medicine, spirituality in the 21st century, and anything else that seeks to reunite us with our own, inner selves, with each other, and with our magnificent planet.

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