The Solutionaries Column

There are amazing things happening everyday, everywhere, in every way. But mainstream media falls desperately short of reporting on this phenomenon. Fear rules the day, and the news people really need slips through the cracks. "Human Interest Stories" need a make-over and some sponsorship, stat! We would do just that at the Solutionaries column by shining light on wonderful human beings doing amazing, ingenious, helpful, loving things out there to better our world- above and beyond saving cats in trees. Though that, too, is noble. 

I first heard the term, "Solutionary" from my husband around the time we met. He had first heard it while working for the Sustainable Living Roadshow, a traveling eco-carnival that teaches environmental awareness, grassroots activism, and community development across the country to kids from 3 to 83. Founding SLR member, Jonathan Youtt, had bestowed the term- and its spirit- to my husband. 

I was kind of amazed I'd never heard it before or thought of it. It seemed to me to really fit the 21st century and its unique and compelling needs. If being a revolutionary involves revolving around a problem to bring light to it, then a solutionary rides straight into the heart of it to emerge with some action. We can no longer count on revolt to shake our governments into action- it is up to us. It's our world. The old set-up isn't working so well, to say the least. So what are the amazing humans doing today to change things? A lot, actually. 

Anything that you can see in your mind's eye and put your attention to fully- and you embrace others around that vision- can be manifested.
~Jonathon Youtt

This column is looking for those stories... of everyday heroes, ingenious innovations on large and small scales, happy, positive news (because you can find the heavy stuff everywhere else), bright new insights into old, dusty problems. Stories of people succeeding despite all odds, stories of the underdog... enlightening TED talks and other thought-leading platforms... you or your friend's brave project or business that deserves a highlight... you get the gist. 

In honor of the namesake of this column... here's a peek at the Sustainable Living Roadshow, and Jonathan Youtt's take on the term Solutionary...