Play Is The Way

What if you found yourself to be the only sane person that you knew of in all the world. It's not a great situation to be in. If everyone else is insane and you say that you are not insane, they are all going to think that you are definitely insane, besides the fact that with everyone else insane, things are just going to get crazier and crazier.

Of course, hopefully, there are some small percentage out there that are also not insane, but how to find them?

Isolation is the condition, and we are not wired for isolation.

We need each other, we need connection, warmth, love, to be understood, or we will suffer. But that singular sane person is going to feel very alone. One of the cruellest punishments is to put someone in isolation, as they do in prisons.

In a world in which you must pay to enter, live in, and to leave, there is a life-long urgent need to have a constant flow of money. This puts everyone under strain, duress, and stress. It takes the fun out of life. It makes everything very serious, divides humanity, and drives a lot of people crazy.

There are those few who find a way to have a steady and sufficient flow, enough to alleviate much of the stress, but often it is done at the expense of others through some form of exploitation or corruption, and this creates monster parasites that "flourish" amongst us, in the form of business men, banks, corporations, and criminals/ politicians.

Some make it like a game, like the game monopoly, and manage to have fun with it. But to succeed in business is almost as difficult as growing coconuts in Vilcabamba (the pueblo in the Ecuadorian Andes where I live), and it can be like a prison sentence, where one must toil many hours of every day, and to fail is not that much fun, because the consequences can be so extremely dire.

Nevertheless, as it is, we have not yet found our way out of this imposed condition of capitalism, and until then, we must play the game of making money and there are certainly more entertaining ways to make money than others, like being a rock star, making movies, or sending rockets to Mars. Being an accountant sounds dreary, unless you happen to love numbers. And there are tons of other examples of how people have found ways to make money in an enjoyable and fulfilling way, whether it be through helping others and/or serving humanity in one way or another.

Bringing play into your world of work or school can make a big difference in the quality of your life.

Due to the seriousness of this condition of always the need for money, we often lose the joyful quality that life offers, and only children who enjoy a certain amount of freedom can experience this joy through their constant play, or until they must hunker down and endure the boredom of their daily child's prison, called school (though I think its only fair to add that it is not all black or white, and that there are many instances where school can be fulfilling, rewarding, and enlightening).

At some point, though, children realize that they too must forgo their play to find a job in order to survive or possibly thrive. This makes them serious and the art of play becomes lost in the sobering reality of our current situation.

This explains to some degree how it is that we lose the ability to play. This is tragic, because it is quite possible that "play is the way." Without play, everyone goes insane- having forgone play for work and joy for seriousness, which is highly unnatural and sad.

I say "play is the way" because if you look at animals and children, they all have a sense of play and it seems to be wired into us. When it is stymied or stifled, we not only become sad and serious, we become ill and insane.

Music is so popular and gratifying because it is a form of play, as well as all the arts. And I firmly believe that having an artistic outlet is a way to maintain ones sanity. Our artist eco-community of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, Chambalabamba ( is based on this idea to some degree.

If you can recall when you stopped skipping as most all children skip and eventually stop, this might be the time that you began to lose your sense of play. It often occurs at the onset of adolescence.

How do we regain our sense of play? It might be the way to regain our sanity.

That is what I would like to know. All original ideas are welcome or even non-original ideas.

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I'm Tom Osher, better known as mofwoofoo: I am the founder of a mostly Latino artist community in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, dec. 2012. I have been a radical anarchist activist since 1989. I have been on my own spiritual path since my LSD days in the sixties. I am a young person in a slightly older body; in this sense I am a phenomenon. I never get sick for many years and I enjoy an incredible life, surrounded by beautiful people, living in a treehouse by a river, living my dreams every day. I have been an artist as a painter, singer, and writer most of my life. I have written innumerable essays since 2010. I am a producer, I make good things happen wherever I am. I only do what I love.

have some tips or insights on how we can restore play to our everyday lives? Please comment respectfully below!