Many Voices Humming

Most journeys start at a humble beginning on an unknown road with just a few scraps of bread, a spark of an idea, a sense of adventure . . . and if we’re lucky, a few good friends. Bombilore is no different.

Who we are is YOU. With every new voice that contributes a piece of excellent writing to every business that decides to take their vision to the next level with our professional services, Bombilore is about the people we uplift and serve, and we are likewise uplifted by you. Because the Bombilore vision is something much bigger than just us, we know that with time, it will come to include readers, contributors, and fellow solutionaries who celebrate what is going right in the world. We know it will include those who welcome challenging conversation, who activate solutions for the world's greatest and humblest hurdles, and who relish beautiful experiences and great Art. We know we're not alone in wanting all of that, so we've begun Bombilore as it already is, a collective Bee colony of We.

If you feel drawn to Bombilore’s mission and manifesto, consider submitting a piece of writing, visual art, a video, an inspiring story. As Bombilore grows, it will no doubt develop and change. For now, there are 5 columns giving structure to the writing and a thematic pulse to the site.
Who knows what else might happen! Here are the Submission Guidelines & Instructions.

Hello Dear Ones! My name is Amanda Verdery Young. I’m a writer, business development & marketing professional and big-hearted subversifier living in Portland, OR. I started because too often I find myself overcome by the sadness, fear, and desperation that is so prevalent across all levels of mainstream media, and I believe there is much, much more to the story.


In fact, it's stories that brought Bombilore into my heart- I believe they are powerful, narrative lines of flight from which our every word and action take their cue.  I believe that in telling a different story, or the same one but in a very different tone, we will begin to reclaim our collective sanity, step out of fear and blame, and begin to see a brave path forward for a more equitable, safe world and a healthy and thriving planet. A dangerous journey, no doubt, but one filled with heart-thrills beyond common reckoning.

At BombiloreCreative, I offer intuitive and practical marketing solutions for artists, wellness professionals, and change-making organizations- because I love these kinds of stories!! My core services include deep and lasting brand clarity work, copywriting, online growth strategy, and Squarespace websites. I bought and sold my first change making business before I turned 30, and I love using my hard-earned insight and technical skills to bring forth beautiful, game changing visions of budding conscious businesses.

I am a practicing Reiki Master and hold a BA in Writing & Literature from Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. I have over 300 hours of graduate level training in Intercultural Communication on topics such as leadership, non-violent communication, the process of change and transformation, privilege, race, ethnicity, organizational culture, systems-thinking, migration & diaspora, traditional western research and alternative ways of knowing. 

I live with my musician/school counseling/sweetheart husband Tyler, my stowaway cat La Bouche, and our spirited and loving little boy, Julian. I routinely take too much on, have too much fun, lose heart, find heart… repeat.

Work with me! Brand Development, Content creation, online Marketing & Squarespace Websites.